Elise P.

“When I rescued my dog Wrangler at 8 weeks old, he came with a package of training classes at a local Petsmart. We didn’t choose to have Katie as a trainer, rather we were just assigned to the class and won the lottery by getting her. As we walked into our very first day of puppy training, Wrangler decided to bark at everything and everyone as puppies often times do. Katie taught me how to positively reinforce him when he wasn’t barking and he quickly caught on. I instantly knew Katie was gold in the dog training world. She believes in rewarding the dogs for good behavior rather than punishing for bad behavior. After our first puppy training course with Katie was completed I saw a huge improvement in Wrangler’s behavior and knew I wanted to continue training with Katie. I decided that I wanted to do private lessons with Katie to focus on areas where Wrangler needed improvement. Katie, has a beautiful blend of playfulness, work, fun, and obedience mixed in with her training and all the dogs love her. In every instance when I couldn’t get Wrangler to comply she had an alternative suggestion that would work. She has a lot of tricks up her sleeve.  Instantly she had tools and knowledge on how to train Wrangler and just as he did in class, he reacted with good behavior instantly. Not only was Katie very informative, she was also patient, and fun to be around! Both Wrangler and I learned so much from Katie and always walked away happy! I highly recommend giving Katie a try, you won’t regret your decision. You will have a better behaved dog by the end of one session.”